Your Situation

You are rather sceptical about “management consultants and trainers”:

  • Though at the same time you recognise the benefit of working with a sparring partner at your side who can support and accompany your own personal development and that of your company: someone who will support you with expertise as an equal partner.
  • You are looking for a partner who will initiate and implement transformation and learning processes together with you.

Our Competence:
Consulting | Education | Training

We can design and communicate holistic management systems. We will give you the help you need to ensure that the people in your organisation recognise the value and sense of these management systems and that they also live them – even in interculturally diverse contexts. We have national and international project and management experience in Europe, Asia and the USA.

We work together with you… for every situation is unique.

  • A car manufacturer listed on the German DAX has different needs to a family-owned and run company producing agricultural machinery.
  • The management and leadership needs of a Catholic parish are communicated and lived differently to those of an international research institution.
  • This is why we design all our solutions individually, tailored to meet the needs of each client. Thus, our consulting and training projects suit each client’s individual strategy and culture.

Acceptance of our solutions is consistently high:

  • We enable as many people as possible in your organisation to want to work with us voluntarily and to perceive a change as useful and meaningful.
  • We design learning architecture for people and organisations in such a way that working management methods can be applied in day to day business. Our methods and approaches work in practice and are tried and tested. They are constantly adapted and realigned to the needs of the target group.
  • We use different learning formats and systems: local training, periods of self-study (both on and offline) and project-based implementation.

We work in a scientifically sound manner:

  • Value-based management research and business administration combined with theological and philosophical thinking – a tradition that goes back more than 2000 years.
  • We apply psychological and sociological know-how to your real-world problems as well as adopting scientific perspectives drawn from cybernetics.