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Take care of your body and you will thank yourself.

It is a problem that affects us all - sooner or later. The sedentary nature -- regular and prolonged sitting - of our everyday working lives strains our bodies. The classics: tension in the shoulders and neck, pain in the lower back, wrists and forearms.

In this e-learning module, we don't beat around the bush, but get active with you. Athlete and sports scientist Fabian Conrad explains which concrete guidelines to follow in everyday life in order to incorporate a variety of different exercise breaks, flexibility and strengthening exercises. He guides you directly and shows you simple exercises that you can do immediately. With this selection of exercises, flexibility and strengthening exercises, you can do your body a favour - uncomplicated, fast and scientifically sound.


All members of an organisation who want to prevent physical problems and incorporate different exercises into their daily work routine.


Managing People
Managing Yourself

Fabian Conradt
approx. 1 hour
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Know what you can do to prevent or provide relief from physical problems.

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Feel motivated because you know what a big difference small steps can make - literally.

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Be able to specifically incorporate exercises into everyday life for yourself and your team.


We will provide you with knowledge and concrete tools on these topics:

Chapter 01:

Relevance of health in leading and working

Chapter 02:

Exercise - head circles

Chapter 03:

Exercise - wrist circles

Chapter 04:

Exercise - lunge

Chapter 05:

Exercise - thigh smash with a lacrosse ball

Chapter 06:

Exercise - shoulder circles with a broomstick

Chapter 07:

Exercise - forward bend

Chapter 08:

Exercise - Glute Smash

Chapter 09:

Exercise - upper body rotation

Chapter 10:

Exercise - Squat

Chapter 11:

Exercise - Neck Smash

Chapter 12:

Exercise - arm circles

Chapter 13:

Exercise - forearm stretch on the chair

Chapter 14:

Exercise - backbend

Chapter 15:

Exercise - backbend on the floor

Chapter 16:

Back mobilisation with the fascia roller

Chapter 17:

Exercise - Overhead Stretch

Chapter 18:

Exercise - Couch Stretch

Healthy leadership and work is a key factor for personal and professional success. With ergonomic workplaces and regular exercises, you will reduce stress - and improve your physical and mental health.

Fabian Conradt
Fabian Conradt, Sports scientistYour trainer
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