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eAcademy Modul Prinzipien wirksamer Führung
e-learning module


Discover and use the principles of successful leadership.

There are people who have achieved extraordinary things. Most of them have stuck unswervingly to a few principles that have led them to success. These principles have long since ceased to be a secret - they have already been copied and have proved their worth in other companies as well.

In this e-learning module, we present the principles that lead to measurable success in practice and show their benefits - because principles strengthen effective action and thus the efficiency of a company. You will also learn which principles you are already implementing and where you can develop further in order to lead even more effectively.


Professionals and managers who want to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs.

Managing People

Prof. Dr. Daniel Keller
approx. 2 hours
germany (1)



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Know which principles you can use to align and measure your leadership actions even in challenging situations.

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Feel encouraged to allow an assessment of the state of your (sub-) organisation using principles.

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Be able to apply certain aspects of leadership in relation to your (self-) leadership.


We will provide you with knowledge and concrete tools on these topics:

Chapter 01:

Background and definitions

  • Why do we need principles of effective leadership at all?

  • Benefits and added value of these principles

Chapter 02:

General overview of the individual principles

  • Assumptions of the terms

  • What principles are there?

  • How well do you know the principles and their presuppositions?

Chapter 03:

Characteristics of the individual principles

  • The six principles of effective leadership

  • Results orientation

  • Contribution to the whole

  • Concentration on the few and the essential

  • Use of existing strengths

  • Mutual trust

  • Thinking positively and constructively

Chapter 04:

Implementation of the principles in everyday leadership

  • Self-assessment of the principles of effective leadership

  • Concrete guiding questions for implementation

Chapter 05:

Principles of effective leadership in practice

  • Challenges and assistance

Chapter 06:

Conclusion and next steps

Effective leadership is based on a set of principles that help a team work successfully and achieve its goals. These include creating a positive work environment, strengthening communication, encouraging ownership but also clarifying expectations and targets.

Daniel Keller
Prof. Dr. Daniel KellerYour trainer
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