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eAcademy Modul Gesprächstechniken
e-learning module


Effective communication through the use of conversational techniques

No two conversations are the same: every social interaction has its own peculiarities. And yet they have one thing in common: the interlocutors are pursuing abstract and also concrete goals.

To achieve our goals, we constantly use linguistic tools - sometimes consciously, sometimes intuitively. What many people lack, however, is strategic use: because used correctly, language can be a powerful tool to advance your goals and strengthen relationships. In this e-learning module, we will present you with various conversational techniques in a practical context so that you know what you can achieve with them in your everyday work. This will enable you to expand your linguistic leadership repertoire by adding new, targeted tools to familiar language patterns.


All members of an organisation who want to communicate successfully and purposefully.

Managing People

Prof. Dr. Pamela Luckau
approx. 1 ½ hours
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Know how to manage difficult conversations or even conflicts in a communicative way.

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Feel prepared, also for possible objections from your counterpart.

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Be able to use conversational techniques to win over your listeners.


We will provide you with knowledge and concrete tools on these topics:

Chapter 01:

Prepare communication

  • Relevance of different conversation techniques

  • Self-test conversation

  • Have a conversation

  • Goal-oriented interview preparation

Chapter 02:

Listen, speak and ask effectively

  • The most important conversation techniques

  • The most important questioning techniques

Chapter 03:

Maintaining the tension

  • Using an effective speaking technique

Chapter 04:

Argue purposefully

  • Argumentation techniques at a glance

  • The little argumentation quiz

Chapter 05:

Meaningfully countering objections

  • Techniques to counter objections

Chapter 06:

Techniques for a conflict conversation

  • Defusing and resolving conflicts

Chapter 07:

Conclusion and next steps

Conversation techniques are valuable resources that can add incredible value to anyone - whether professionally or personally. Instead of fuelling misunderstandings, conscious use of conversational techniques can resolve conflicts. Because clear communication and active listening have to be learned.

Pamela Luckau
Prof. Dr. Pamela LuckauYour Trainer
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