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eAcademy Wirksamkeitshacks 4.0
e-learning module


Work smart, not hard! Lern how to work more productively and with greater satisfaction.

There are not many industries in which working time is synonymous with performance - let alone productivity. Studies indicate that when you work long hours, your concentration drops and essential tasks are neglected. So how can you use your available resources effectively - and work smarter, not longer?

In this e-learning module, we will get straight to the point and introduce you to various productivity techniques. We will explain how you can use them to "hack" your daily work routine and pursue your goals in a more focusedand effective manner. We will also give you concrete steps for implementation.


All members of an organisation who want to pursue their goals in a more focused and conscious way.

Managing Yourself
Prof. Dr. Daniel Keller
approx. 2 ½  hours

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Know different productivity techniques and when and how to use them.

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Be aware of your resources and feel more confident.

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Be able to take concrete steps to establish productivity techniques in your everyday work.


We will provide you with knowledge and concrete tools on these topics:

Chapter 01:


  • The relevance of productivity

  • Overview of different productivity techniques

Chapter 02:

Getting Things Done (GTD)

  • Introduction to the GTD method

  • How the GTD method works

  • The different steps of the GTD method

Chapter 03:

Weekly review

  • Introduction to the method

  • The benefit of the weekly review

  • Create a weekly review

Chapter 04:


  • Introduction to the method

  • What is a Kanban board?

  • Setting up a Kanban board

  • Tips for effective implementation of the Kanban method

Chapter 05:

Time Blocking

  • Introduction to the method

  • Who should try this method?

  • Different variants of time blocking

  • Common time blocking errors

Chapter 06:

Eat The Frog

  • Introduction to the method

  • Reasons for using the method

  • Tips and tricks for successful implementation

Chapter 07:

Pomodoro technique

  • Introduction to the method

  • How does the technology actually work?

  • Advantages of the method

  • For whom and which tasks is this method suitable?

  • Tips and tricks for implementation

Chapter 08:

Eisenhower Matrix

  • Introduction to the method

  • Why we are bad at setting priorities

  • Urgent vs. Important

  • Effective balancing of the quadrants

Chapter 09:

Medium method

  • Introduction to the method

  • Advantages of paper

  • Advantages of digital tools

  • Meaningful integration into everyday working life

Chapter 10:

Commitment Inventory

  • Introduction to the method

  • How does the method work?

Chapter 11:

Deathbed Reflection

  • Introduction to the method

Chapter 12:

Conclusion and next steps

Choose the right productivity techniques according to personal preference to work more effectively and efficiently. You will become more productive, not only personally, but also as a team.

Daniel Keller
Prof. Dr. Daniel KellerYour trainer
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