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An underestimated "miracle cure" for productivity and health

Are you constantly tired, permanently stressed or barely responsive before your first coffee? The cause of these problems is most likely your lack of sleep. However, the reasons for getting enough sleep go far beyond coping with these problems. Sleep affects all areas of your life and can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Sleep is fascinating. Every living creature we know performs it in some way. But sleep is subject to a common misconception. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is a time of activity when the brain begins to process the number of impressions from the previous day. And yet sleep is often seen as a chore. In this module, we would like to show you why this is dangerous.

In this module, we dive deep into the fascinating world of sleep and its importance for your private and professional life. You will explore background knowledge on REM and NREM sleep, learn about the cycle of sleep deprivation and its effects on your cognitive and motor skills.  Test your own sleep quality and get specific tips, tricks and checklists to demonstrably improve your sleep and thus your performance.


All members of an organization who want to expand their knowledge of sleep and explore the effects on cognitive and motor skills.
Managing Yourself
Prof. Dr. Daniel Keller
approx. 1 hour

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Understand why sleep plays a crucial role in physical and mental health.

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You have got a clear picture of why many of the (leadership) competencies are closely linked to the quality and quantity of sleep.

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You have learned tips, tricks and checklists to help you improve your sleep and therefore your performance.


We will provide you with knowledge and concrete tools on these topics:

Chapter 01:


  • That thing called sleep

Capter 02:

Why we sleep

  • REM and NREM sleep

  • Effects of good sleep

Chapter 03:

Lack of sleep - the accepted killer of our productivity

  • Lack of sleep

  • Naps and caffeine as a solution to sleep deprivation?

Chapter 04:

Adequate sleep

  • Are you getting enough sleep?

  • Owl or lark?

  • What keeps you from sleeping?

Chapter 05:

Better sleep in everyday life

  • Measures for better sleep

  • Development of an individual sleep routine

Chapter 06:


  • Quiz about sleep

Chapter 07:

Conclusion and next steps

  • Literature tipps

  • What are the next steps?

„Good sleep plays a central role in cognitive function, emotional stability and physical health; a regular and adequate night's rest is therefore essential not only for well-being, but also for maximizing personal effectiveness at work and at home. Lack of sleep causes reduced alertness, slowed thought processes and increased susceptibility to stress. This underlines the importance of consciously managing sleep habits to ensure optimal performance.”

Daniel Keller
Prof. Dr. Daniel KellerYour trainer in this module
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